May 15, 2023

Increased productivity, wellness balance and clarity

Working with Darran has been hugely impacting on the way I’ve functioned and the impact I’ve been able to have in my life. His questioning is always searching and causes me to reflect deeply on my practice and my thinking which enables me to get to the root of what’s going on but also to make decisions based on the most important things that I have influence over.

I have truly appreciated the way he challenged me to wrestle with finding what I truly value which has given me a greater understanding of who I am and how and why I function the way I do and why others might function differently.

I would thoroughly recommend working with Darran to anyone who wants to increase their productivity, get their life back into some kind of wellness balance and have someone to ask you the deep questions. Vulnerable, honest and courageous conversations with myself and others is what he’s encouraged in me…thanks Darran.


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