About Me

My name is Darran Ingram and it is a privilege to share my life story with you.

It has been a long and tricky road, I have had to overcome many obstacles on the way, however, these are the same challenges that have made me the loving and caring person I am today. This is why I dedicate my life to ensuring people can overcome many of the same challenges and hurdles I myself had to conquer.

Sometimes, I sit back and think of all the incredible experiences I have been fortunate enough to have had. I think of the incredible people I have met on my travels around the globe. I think about how I have truly cared for each and every one of them.

The exciting thing is, my story is still continuing and ever expanding. I can't wait for you to become part of my journey too.....

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The Start of My Journey 


The first chapter of my spiritual journey began in the military. 

I enlisted to serve as an aircraft avionics engineer in the air force. After much hard work, I was promoted to the rank of sergeant. In this position, I was honoured to lead numerous teams in various humanitarian efforts such as providing aid to a plethora of people in Afghanistan. 

Furthermore, I was privileged enough to lead the first aid team to arrive in Indonesia during the devastating 2004 tsunami. On this mission, my team provided support to families and individuals through air lifting essential aid in everyday and rescuing people from displaced or damaged areas.  We were honoured to significantly speed up the recovery process for all the people involved in this devastating travesty. 

It was during these monumental efforts that I realised I wanted to dedicate the rest of my life to helping people. 

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Education Background 

After my career in the New Zealand Air Force, I switched my efforts over to education.  

I was part of the leadership team in two brand new schools developing the culture and coaching people to be their best each day. Whilst also working in education, I helped to create great teams building an essence of camaraderie amongst my team and fellow peers. 

I found education an excellent environment to meet new and exciting people. It was in this position that my true leadership skills could be showcased.

This experience also helped me to hone and develop the expert craft of life coaching supporting the whole person with a real authentic focus on being well (Well-Being) as well as making me into a more well rounded person. I was able to develop my coaching skills as a consultant and coach people all over New Zealand as a professional coach which then led me to establish Impact Coach. 

One thing is for sure, I’m always a learner. Developing my own potential is so important to me so that I can show up to be my best for you so that you can make the greatest impact in your life.

I’ve always  helped people to overcome challenges to become the best versions of themselves. It was this outstanding result that encouraged me to establish Impact Coach. The rest as they say, is history. 

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