September 7, 2022

I felt listened to and not judged

Thank you for our first coaching session with you yesterday. I did not expect the session to flow the way it did and your questioning allowed me to explore things that I have attributed a feeling to, but haven’t had the opportunity to reflect on where the feeling came from.

I liked you paraphrasing back to me, as it helped to think yes I mean that, or no I didn’t express that well enough, or I need to re-clarify. It helped me to order my thoughts and gave me more focus and energy. 

The key points we discussed and roll them around in my mind later. I have come back to myself more energised and focused on setting boundaries and finding a new way of operating for myself in order to create a space for well-being so that my problem solving skills are tip top.

 Above all the coaching session allowed me to be reflexive which is what I like reflection and responsiveness combined. It keeps me moving forward. I had felt a little stuck in my thought patterns and thinking space.

I found it a really interesting exercise in the respect that we got into a flow so that my words were keeping up with my thoughts and there were no distractions.

I felt listened to and not judged and realised that this belonged to me if I chose to work on it.


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