January 29, 2023

A journey of growth and personal development

You are a natural Darran as you have a beautiful mix of empathy and skills. Your ability to assess where someone is at and then helping them to build from there is an incredible skill.  You are the best coach I have ever worked with and my personal development and leadership has deepened and widened because of you. You have everything it takes to make this work!!

One of the key reflection points was that looking back at where I first started this journey with Darran, to where I am today, my leadership capabilities have developed tenfold (at least that’s how it feels). I began our sessions, not feeling so great having experienced a number of upheavals and changes in our organisation after years of stability. I wasn’t feeling valued, worked too many hours (perhaps not as productively as it could have been?) worried about my role etc, etc, etc.

Gradually, during this time working together, I began to make my way back to the confident yet humble, empathetic leader that I had been.

However, as a direct result of my sessions with Darran, I know I have surpassed that point and continue on a journey of growth and personal leadership development that has improved my leadership skills, relationships, and wellbeing;

I have rediscovered the joy in my work! I really like what I do, who I do it with and understand why. There is now a much more enhanced sense of meaning and purpose in what I do. I feel calm, stronger and open to learning. Still making mistakes, sometimes painful ones, but learning to be vulnerable is courageous.


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